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> History #141: Rag Head
Humor, Horror, and Heavy Metal: Drawing of a Skeleton Mask with a Pillowcase On. Creeeeeepy shit.

For this project, the teacher required us to focus our study on the flow and rendering of cloth. Me... well... I decided to draw a rag that I put on a skeleton mask head that I had at home. I KNEW that the skeleton head mask would come in handy one day ( besides making out with it in a drunken stupor pretending it was Tia Carrere (excellent - Schwing!!!)).

This ended up looking like Casper the Fucked-Up Ghost if you ask me..... crreeeeeeeeeppppy!!!!! Don't you want to give it a big kissy kiss? Now that I think of it... this kind of looks like the Elephant Man if he was into that weird smothering yourself with a pillowcase while having kinky sex weirdness. Well... that's what it look like. Who knows? If the Elephant Man still lived today, maybe he could have been the next singer for INXS (I Need Xtreme Sex).